ROBERT J. HUNTER is now on the ROOTS RADIO playlist

ROBERT J. HUNTER is now on the ROOTS RADIO playlist

Were very excited to to welcome Robert J.Hunter to our community of artists being played on ROOTS RADIO 24 hours a day


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The Robert J. Hunter Band

Alderney born Robert J. Hunter combines his gruff and powerful voice with the rustic, wild thud of overdriven guitars to create a truly unique sound.
His powerful debut album, ’Songs for the Weary’ received blues chart success and critical acclaim and the single from it, ‘Demons’ reached number one in the UK iTunes Blues Chart.

His new album, ‘Before the Dawn’robert j hunter band.jpgalbum was released on 27th November 2015 and shows that Robert has matured as a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist. The album combines Robert’s talents with those of his band and showcases the versatility of his playing and song writing, creating a sound greater than the sum of its parts.

He has previously supported acts including Wilko Johnson, The Animals, Eddie & the Hotrods and HeyMoonShaker, giving him experience in different genres, and with many talented artists. He deserves to be heard and his energetic live show is not to be missed.

”Robert has grown over the past year or so into a consummate performer, seemingly playing almost non-stop somewhere or other, and this had lead to him becoming the sort of person who, it seems, is incapable of putting on a bad show’’ – Tom Girard, BBC Introducing.